About Us

Smartskill provides everyone – learners and industry - the chance to benefit from our experience and knowledge gained over the last 29 years. Our experience and methods are the difference between mediocre and exceptional results, between average and competitive business, between fair and superior staff.
Our mission has always been to provide the best training to learners, to supply the Hospitality and Tourism industries with dedicated and confident professionals who have gained knowledge and skills through industry specific training. 
Our aim is to provide employers with “industry ready” people, and to ensure our learners are "industry ready".
We constantly liaise with industry to ensure the programs delivered are current and realistic. This ensures we have first-hand knowledge of  the standards of service, employers expectations and to recognise the requirements they desire for professional and competent staff.
 Smartskill focuses on high quality training programs. This is achieved through effective delivery of theory combined with practical training in industry or simulated environments providing hands-on experience. 
Our Trainer and Assessors have an extensive background in the industry, and they utilise their real life and real job experience within the training programs.  This ensures the learners are being provided current and accurate industry based knowledge and skills from industry professionals.
Learners benefit from undertaking training with Smartskill. They gain an edge in the competitive employment market because of Smartskill's excellent reputation and links with industry and employers. Learners have an edge as they been able to undertake realistic and industry specific training.  Industry recognises that graduates from Smartskill are job-ready with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to be effective in their chosen role.
That is why Smartskill is a leading Registered Training Organisation and the first point of call for Industry, Government, Corporate, SME's and Individuals wanting training that really works - not just a certificate.
The best industries with the best opportunities..........Smartskill is not just our name, it is what you get!
Suzanne Mackenzie and Margaret Nowacki
- Directors