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This program enables students to gain nationally recognised qualifications whilst in Years 10, 11 or 12 at school. 

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Smartskill deliver various programs throughout QLD.

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One of the largest employers in Australia is the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Demand for professional and well trained staff in Hospitality and Tourism organisations continues to grow, with the industry and employers expecting knowledgable and capable workers to perform in a variety of roles. 
This is where Smartskill can assist with your learning journey. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals,  whether you are gaining new skills and knowledge, upskilling your current skills and knowledge or recognising your prior skills and knowledge. 
Hospitality and Tourism organisations that require professional and well trained staff include international hotel and resorts, casinos, food and beverage operators (such as restaurants, cafes, bars), local attractions, entertainment services, tourism operators, destination marketing and event management organisations. Some of these businesses and operations can be in cities or regional areas, so there is a wide choice of destination or location to undertake a career in Hospitality and Tourism. 
Smartskill offers a range of training products and services which are specifically structured to meet employer’s and the Hospitality and Tourism industry requirements and needs.
Our training offers graduates an extra edge in the competitive employment market. We strive to ensure our graduates are  multi-skilled professionals who are confident and competent in their chosen field within the Hospitality or Tourism industry.

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