About Us

Our mission has always been to provide the best training and opportunities for people, whilst supplying the Industry with dedicated professionals and top class people that will serve themselves and employers well.  Smartskill provides everyone - clients and individuals - the chance to benefit from our experience and see why 29 years of knowledge is the difference between mediocre and exceptional results, between average and competitive business, between fair and superior staff.

We focus on high quality training programs, hands-on experience and excellent training personnel to deliver industry acknowledged superior training. Our trainers have an extensive background in the industry they are providing training for - utilising each trainer's real life and real job experience.  This creates strength of personality and a great sources of mentors

That is why Smartskill is a leading Registered Training Organisation and a first point of call for Industry, Government, Corporate, SME's and Individuals wanting training that really works - not just a certificate.

Graduates benefit from gaining an edge in the competitive employment market through Smartskill's excellent reputation and links with industry and employers.  Industry recognises that graduates from Smartskill are job-ready with the skills, knowledge and experience they need.

Our strong connections with the Hospitality, Retail and Tourism Industries in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Hervey Bay - Fraser Coast, Whitsundays and Cairns means that there are better and more opportunities for Smartskill graduates to gain employment.

The best industries with the best opportunities..........Smartskill is not just our name, it is what you get!

- Suzanne Mackenzie and Margaret Nowacki